Mongering Costa Rica

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Mongering in Costa Rica Staying at the hotel del rey in the San Jose aka the Gringo gulch, chicas…


Lrdvltr says:

I watched this video to the Saxophone guy music

Paul SirMarjAlot says:

Carlos for the open pics and filming while in Costa Rica was using a sony cybershot for the covert filming some cheap chinese watch off amazon.

Paul SirMarjAlot says:

You can meet some lovely looking chicas in Costa Rica from all over South and central america and the Caribbean both latinas black, white and everything in between, especially in the del rey. Most are pro though, you wont get the girlfriend experience and the good lookers wont come less than $100 a pop. I envy mongers living in the USA. You have central and south america and the Caribbean on your doorstep, cheap direct flight to costa rica. Its a bum to get to from the UK.

Carlos Everfield says:

I am interested in what type of camera you have?

hacksack1 says:

looks like a good time

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